Kids Recycling Challange – Q/A From The Past

What kinds of bags can we recycle?
You can recycle plastic shopping and grocery bags of any color and type except black (black printing on the bags is ok – black bags are not).

Be sure to remove everything from the plastic bags prior to recycling – including register receipts. We can also accomodate newspaper bags and drycleaning bags, as long as they are clean, dry and empty.

Please note that we cannot take produce bags or any bags that have been in direct contact with food because fruits, veggies and other foods tend to contaminate the bags and jam the recycling machines.
What are the recycled bags turned into?
Recycled plastic grocery and shopping bags are currently being made into new consumer products such as clean new plastic shopping bags, outdoor decking and railing products, park benches, garden and lawn edging, and decorative tiles to name just a few.

How tightly should we pack our collection bags?
On average, filled collection bags should weigh approximately 12 – 16 pounds each. Please note that * associates reserve the right to refuse any collection bags that they do not consider to be full.

Do we mail my drop-off receipts in every month?
Not necessarily. Please keep using each receipt until all five lines in the drop-off section have been used, and mail us ONLY your full receipts. This will help us reduce paper usage and will also help us keep better track of your bag totals.

How do we get credit for our monthly drop-offs if we don’t mail receipts every month?
We are only concerned with the final totals at the end of the program, NOT the month-to-month figures. It is ok if a receipt has drop-offs for multiple months on it – you and your students will still receive full credit for your work.

How will we know that our account has been credited for the bags we bring in?
After you mail us your monthly reciept, we will email you a confirmation and include the number of bags we have credited to your account. Please give us about a week to process the paperwork. Note: Be sure to keep copies of your reciepts for your records.